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Writer, activist, nerd. Resource Coordinator for the Harry Potter Alliance. Former Secret Chicago editor. They/them pronouns, please!

Nov 3 is only days away and progressives are wasting no time or energy to unseat President Trump and GOP incumbents. You’re probably tired by now of the incessant text messages and phone banking calls from voter turnout organizations (pro tip: once you vote, they stop calling you!) However, one…

Uninsured and afraid, what am I supposed to do while I wait for the US to vote on universal healthcare?

Protesters hold Medicare-for-all signs at rally in Los Angeles. Photo by Molly Adams

One of the largest talking points of the 2020 Presidential Election is universal healthcare. As someone who is currently uninsured and running on the perpetual shit-show hamster ball of social…

SPOILER ALERT: This article includes spoilers for season five of Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network show that revolves around Steven, his family of Crystal Gems, and their adventures protecting the Earth from extraterrestrial threat. Thousands of years ago, Steven’s mother Rose Quartz led a rebellion against the…

Photo of Inara Serra who is a Companion on the show Firefly (20th Century Fox)

Say the word “Firefly” at any pop culture convention and the crowd erupts into excited murmurs, whoops and hollers. The short-lived cult science fiction show has had a passionate fan-base ever since the show’s original airing in 2002, though most fans of the ragtag crew of rebels didn’t come in…

Charli Renken

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